J.M. Gifford teaches by day and writes by night. He and his wife live in Maryland with not enough dogs and just about enough rabbits. 

Bobby Q is available through Amazon.com in trade paperback and Kindle e-reader formats.

Words that work.

     Hold tight to the railing of a colossal hydrogen harvester in a stormy sea, strap in for a shuttle flight to Clarke station high above Brazil, prepare your pigs for a fusion-powered ferry ride, and stir up some savory sauces for your mouth-watering pulled pork recipes. In tomorrow's asteroid mining economy, a trillionaire wants your barbecue restaurant for his ore processing facility on the far side of the sun from the Earth. 

     Meet Ozzie Lang and Pele Hanohano, who sign up for a four-year hitch in space and find that life doesn't always follow the recipe. There are hazards all along the 450-million-kilometer journey... Tuck in a napkin and read Bobby Q today!

Tastiest science fiction novel ever.